Prince Isaac Ololo Achu

President/Founder African Children’s Education Foundation (ACEF).

Prince Isaac Ololo Achu is the President/Founder African Children’s Education Foundation (ACEF).

Prince Isaac Ololo Achu is a Born Humanitarian, a father and a friend to humanity with a burning desire to bequeath the African that which is his/her right to dawn a new age and present her to the world. Working to bridge the gap and connect the less privileged African child to her destiny, providing and giving her a global equal opportunity to other non-Africa children. His goal is towards Bridging the Gap and Provide the less privileged African youth a bridge to connect with the youth of the international community.

Prince Isaac Ololo Achu is generally speaking an autodidact and is currently in final phase of his first-degree in Liberal arts with Excelsior College, on his track to a PhD in Sociology.

Outside His goals and love for Humanity, Prince Isaac Ololo Achu was Born in Nigeria, he currently lives in the United States of America with his family. He has made excellent progress and achievements.

Prince Isaac Ololo Achu served as a non-commissioned Officer, United States Army (decorated), the PRO African Congress Central Texas (Currently inactive). He is a member of the Caretaker Committee and Charter authority, New Obanliku Movement, a Charter and standard Bearer Order of the Lionpaw. The current Commanding General RBPP, Africa command.

Quotes: “The end of one cycle is the beginning of another cycle, never fear the end.”

Paul Achu

Vice president ACEF Global.

Paul Achu is the vice president of ACEF Global. He is 43 years old and has been active in the business space for over 15 years with 12 of those years as an office manager. He has a bachelor degree in business administration and a certification in project management. As a team leader, he is committed to bringing along a better Africa by bridging the gap between our youths in Africa with their peers around the globe. Furthermore, we just don’t want to bridge the gap but look to change the perspective of the African youth on how to be self-reliant and succeed in life.

Kingsley Achu

Financial secretary ACEF Global.

Kingsley Achu is a retired U.S Army and currently a senior human resource representative for Amazon I have my masters degree in health administration / human resources. He is the financial officer and secretary at ACEF.

Abitha Achu

Financial secretary ACEF Global.

Abitha Achu is the equal opportunity personnel at the African children’s education foundation (ACEF ). Born in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to the United States at a young age. She presently lives in Texas with her family.

She works closely with the ACEF family making it possible that all boys and girls have the same opportunities to become their best selves.

David Achu

Acting as youth outreach for ACEF Global.

My name is David Achu and I am pursuing my PhD in psychology while acting as youth outreach for ACEF Global. However, this is hardly where my ambition ends.

I am a 19-year-old swiss army knife willing to do anything for a good cause. Whether that be running a marathon to raise awareness or overseer management of our social media sites I’m on it.

Andor Reuben Akinsheye Director of Communication and Media Affairs, acefglobal.

Andor Reuben Akinsheye – Director of Communication and Media Affairs, acefglobal. Born to the Large and Famous Andor’s Family of Ketting Bendi I Obanliku LGA, through Late Chief Robert J. Andor, he is the last son of the family.

Andor Reuben Akinsheye is a graduate with numerous academic qualifications to his name. which include, Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) in computer statistics/Biology Education, Higher National Diploma (HND) Computer Science, currently running PGD/MSc program in Computer Science.

He was born a humanitarian, he has passion for humanity and community services. He has volunteer in several community services, leading the youth to add value to the community. He is the founder and director of Youth Leadership Forum

Andor Reuben Akinsheye has created several community programs to foster peace and grow talents among youths in the community. Some of his several programs Include; The Okolina Dynasty a charity organization started since April 10, 2016; People’s United Football Academy (PUFA) International. with a vision to identify and groom young talents and give them a platform to develop and grow. Also, he is the proprietor of People’s Youth Development Centre where they help youth in skill development and acquisition.

Andor Reuben Akinsheye is currently the BOT Chairman, New Obanliku Movement.